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Privilege Management Training for Administrators


Audience: This class should only be attended by anyone who has been assigned the Decentralized Administrator or Review privilege in the Privilege Management system.

Course Description: This hands-on, instructor-led class covers the Privilege Management application, which Vanderbilt University and Medical Center use to administer access to many of the applications used throughout the Financial, Procurement, and Human Resources areas. To learn more about the Privilege Management application, click here.

During this class Decentralized Administrators and Reviewers will learn the following:

  • How to grant, delete and suspend individual privilege assignments in the Privilege Management.
  • How to use the Privilege Management ‘Batch Entry’ feature to assign multiple privileges assignment across many resources.
  • How to utilize Privilege Management to research privileges and financial roll-up.
  • How to generate standard Privilege Management reports.
  • Policies and recommended procedures to complete the required annual audit for resources under their purview.


Delivery Method: Classroom Training

Length of Training: 2 ½ hours

Instructor: Claudia Fontaine


Required Access: Decentralized Administrator, Reviewer, Decentralized Managing Administrator, or system specific administrator privileges in the Privilege Management system.