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The Financial Foundations series is designed to provide Vanderbilt staff with the tools and perspective necessary to manage departmental financial responsibilities. Each course contains interactive content and reference material which incorporates VU systems and business processes, spanning the basics of accounting at Vanderbilt to the process of monthly financial review and sign-off. 
Training for the following systems is provided in this series of classes:
·         NCOA
·         Privilege Management (for Non-Administrators)
·         InfoView APPO, Work Order & ITS reporting
·         eDog (reporting, reconciliation and sign-off)
·         Waldo

Note: These classes are a series of four. Please register for classes in sequential order.

Audience:  All Vanderbilt staff with financial responsibilities, including, but are not limited to, budgeting, general ledger reconciliation, purchasing, and grants and contracts.
Delivery Method: Instructor-led training
Length of Training:  3 hours (per class)
Instructors:   Amanda Roberts, Sr. Accountant
                    Diana Ormsby, Accounting Manager
Registration:  See below
Financial Foundations I:  Intro to Financial Systems & Privilege Management 
This class is an introductory class to Vanderbilt financial and accounting systems designed to provide an understanding of the many systems at Vanderbilt which feed our general ledger and other reporting systems in an interactive learning environment.  Privilege Management, the application which manages secure access to Vanderbilt systems as well as authorization for many business processes, is covered in depth as a tool to enhance understanding of the systems and business processes introduced in this class.
Key Points:  
·         Privilege Management System for Non-Administrators. 
·         Process by which Vanderbilt financial systems feed the general ledger.  
·         Introduction to financial reporting systems. 
·         Basics of Vanderbilt accounting system. 
Prerequisites:  None
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Financial Foundations II: Business Processes and Procurement & Disbursement Reports 
This class continues business process and financial reporting system training from Financial Foundations I with a focus on departmental financial responsibilities particularly around purchasing.  The importance for departmental Internal Controls is discussed in the context of Vanderbilt’s policies and procedures.  Internal Control around the purchasing process and the APPO reporting system will be covered in detail from a departmental perspective as well as from a systems perspective.  
Key Points:
·         Overview of departmental financial responsibilities 
·         Introduction to Internal Controls
·         How to track a transaction from your area through the APPO PeopleSoft system.
·         Best Practices for your department
·         Match Exceptions
Prerequisites: Financial Foundations I
Financial Foundations - eDog: Non-Salary Ledger Sheet Reconciliation
This class continues the financial process training from Foundations I and II.  This class provides interactive training for the eDog general ledger application for direct non-salary expenses. Reconciliation, record keeping, and approval requirements are covered. Additionally, the responsibilities around monthly accounting reports are discussed in detail.  Certification requirements for the Transaction Review Verification role and document retention policies are also taught.
Key Points:
·         eDog monthly ledger sheet reconciliation requirements for every cost center
·         Encumbrance analysis and reconciliation 
·         Journal Entry processes for Medical Center and University Centers 
·         Certification requirements for the Transaction Review Verification
Prerequisites:  Financial Foundations I & II

Financial Foundations - Waldo: eDog Payroll Reconciliation
This class continues the financial process training from Foundations I, II, and III. This class provides interactive training for the Waldo application. In addition, the participant will learn how to reconcile the salary transactions in eDog to Waldo.
Key Points:
·         How to use the Waldo application
·         eDog monthly ledger sheet reconciliation requirements for payroll accounts 
·         Error correction processes for payroll transactions

Prerequisites:  Financial Foundations I and II, and Financial Foundations - eDog
Please note that Waldo access is required to attend this class.