Lynda Sandefur, Coordinator, Workplace Education
3319 West End Ave., Suite 700
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In order to facilitate the Medical Center Budget process, eBudget training is generally offered during December and January.


Audience: This class should be attended by anyone responsible for creating VUMC Budgets in the eBudget system. 

Course Description: This course covers how to create budgets using Vanderbilt’s eBudget system.  In addition to eBudget system training, this course outlines the budget process including:

  • • Tips on what data and financial reports to gather to facilitate the budget creation process.
    • Statistical & Volume Accounts
    • Budgeting Personnel Expenses
    • Budgeting for Non-Personnel Expenses, including fixed and variable expenses.
    • Budget reporting
    • The Budget submission and approval process


Note:  There are separate classes for Hospital & Clinic areas versus Medical Center Administration (MCA) departments.  If you are unsure of which class applies to your department, please contact Lynda Sandefur at 875-3322.

Delivery Method: Instructor-led training

Length of Training: 2 ½ hours

Instructor: Diana Ormsby, Claudia Fontaine

Required Access: Not applicable